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Last updated 
June 19, 2000

Elemental Fury



Realm Fantastica
Elemental Fury
by J.D. Gross

The trees weep blood
I dare not take a step closer
Lest I tread in it

Your sweet voice fills my ear
But I am deaf
To the cries of the creatures

The flowers rejoice
Your fragrance surrounds me
Giving me much comfort

What are you not
But nature's own caretaker
Stepping lightly over the branches
Taking care not to disturb the rocks
But my own little stone sleeps under the ground
Held fast in death's icy grip
Your spring cannot warm it, cannot wash away the stain
Of my disgrace, the child you bore
From love's own embrace, comes naught
But the pain of what should never have been.

© 1998 J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.

Elemental Fury material is © J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.