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[Calling Forth the Heavens] [Quenching the Flame] [Character Specs]

Calling Forth the Heavens

Abandoned son of an elf and a nymph who left him on Japeth and Zandrine's doorstep at the same time Zandar was born. Has elven features with silver hair and gray eyes as an adult, and dusky hair as a child. Wears a moonstone medallion around his neck with his name inscribed in elven in it. A powerful magic-user whose unstable personality makes it difficult for others, save a few, to understand him.

Son of Japeth and Zandrine. A talented wood-worker, his friendly, easy-going nature and love for his adopted brother, Shanadar, make him the real hero of this story.

Adult elf female whose love for the human Japeth can only spell disaster.

Adult human male whose marriage to the elf Zandrine gets them both killed.

Adult dwarf/human male crossbreed. A stocky hermit whose past experiences make him seem hard-hearted.

Nomad who happens to be Cassandra's grizzled, middle-aged father. He's caring to his own people, but cruel to others.

Ernest's daughter who is nine-years-old when Shanadar is taken by the nomads. Her sympathy towards Shanadar enables her to be one of the few who can truly communicate with him.

Human, male. An elderly, philosophical sorcerer who sees the good in Shanadar and reluctantly teaches him the ways of magic.

Dignified human female whose hometown is the small Bittymere. Unsure of what she wants, she runs off with Shanadar, only to be later married to a prince.

Eileen's older brother.

Haughty human prince of Spirultare who likes to pick the maidens he wants to marry, then disposes of them when they err. Such was the fate that befell Eileen when Frederick married her and found out, five years later, of her "affair" with Shanadar.

Human, female. Timid, graying, middle-aged servant whose first loyalty is to the prince.

Male ratchin who's fiercely protective of his territory, mate, and young.

Father of the elves. Old as the time the elves were created, but looks as young as their dawning. His face speaks of wisdom, though his thoughts and actions are heavily influenced by the strict beliefs and customs of his people.

Shanadar and Eileen's son whose existence is cut short by Prince Frederick's jealousy. His curious nature makes him endearing to his uncle, but gets him into a lot of trouble with his father.

Nymph, tender of Foristen Spirarnen. Shanadar's mother. Vagarious, she acts on whims only as they suit her.

Elf. Shanadar's silver-haired father. Cares more about what his people think than for his own child.

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Quenching the Flame

Euphenia [View]
Born of the woodland, Euphenia's main comfort is absorbing herself in nature and befriending the creatures of her home. Aware of the sins of her father, she seeks her illegitimate brother in an attempt to elude other, more disturbing, thoughts.

Verunden [View]
Quiet and shy. Verunden seems more likable than his cousin Euphenia, but his mysterious disappearings during the quest lead some to question his character.

Jaspar [View]
This sensible old dwarf uses her motherly wisdom to keep the group in line and in sight of what they're fighting for. Tough-hearted, her past experiences have made her more understanding than she'd like to be.

Zandar [View]
Zandar's friendly and easy-going personality shadow the pain he feels due to losing his brother years ago.

Sobarin [View]
[No info yet.]

Bryngurd [View]
A noble rynx who realizes the importance of preserving things the "way they should be."

Sigund [View]
This half-grown cub has yet to learn the difference between hunting and saving the world, but he delights in playing and tormenting the companions, especially the easily-frightened Megir.

Yas [View]
Ex-soldier who wanders about the countryside with Megir, seeking a way to support his family.

Megir [View]
Soft-spoken magic-user who does not find it easy to conceal his fear. Travels with Yas as a way to escape the drudgery of home life and study.

Shandehn [View]
Reincarnation of the elf Shanadar.

Bordon [View]
Driven by ambition, Bordon doesn't care about who he steps on to get what he wants. Cruel and ruthless, Bordon will even destroy his closest allies if it means getting him closer to his secret goal to become the One--the sole god of Aralon. Flaming sword can cut through even the toughest metal and rock.

Drakus [View]
Rude and haughty, this turquoise dragon will only serve those he deems worthy.

Azakra [View]
Shadow wights work as the Air Force for the Flame. Their touch can make one think he is one of them. The barbs on their maces are poisoned, bringing about a slow death that causes the victim to feel like he is freezing.

Ferial [View]
[No info yet.]

Glikzblong [View]
[No info yet.]

Cruxus [View]
[No info yet.]

Nentack [View]
[No info yet.]

Waeruka [View]
[No info yet.]

Quarendi [View]
A jade dragon who slept for a thousand years before being awaken by some passersby to join them on their quest to stop the Flame. Able to breathe fog that blinds and numbs the senses of those it surrounds. Firm believer in preserving the world with the Elements intact. Does not fear death because it will bring her to her maker, Zurinkel.

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Character Specs

Quenching the Flame
Name Age Race Gender Weapon Duty Special Abilities
Euphenia 28 years elf female -- communicator Communicate with animals.
Verunden 31 years elf male dagger, fire bangles spy Magic: Flame-throwing ability with use of copper bracelets.
Jaspar 122 years dwarf female hammer craftsman Works well with stone and earth.
Zandar 57 years half-elf male sling, knife farmer Good at whittling and shaping wood.
Sobarin 30 years ratchin female teeth and claws protector --
Bryngurd 6 years rynx female teeth and claws mother --
Sigund 1 year rynx male teeth and claws cub --
Yas 46 years human male sword warrior Excellent, experienced fighter.
Megir 48 years human male staff mage Magic.
Shandehn -- loru bird male -- messenger --
Bordon unknown daemon male flaming sword Flame leader --
Drakus 1500 years dragon male exploding flame Bordon's mount --
Azakra undead wight -- poisoned mace leader of the Wind unit for the Flame, messenger --
Ferial undead nichtmer -- paralyzing stare Azakra's mount --
Glikzblong 20 years ogre male flail, hatchet leader of the Ground unit for the Flame, soldier --
Cruxus 12 years yaergden male teeth and claws Glikzblong's mount --
Nentack -- meridan male -- leader of the Water unit for the Flame --
Waeruka -- schurkin -- teeth Nentack's mount --
Quarendi 5000 years dragon female blinding fog -- --

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