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November 10, 2001



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Realm Fantastica
Realm Fantastica
November 10, 2001: Welcome home! After a swift kick into the nether reaches of XoomSpace, Realm Fantastica has returned to Tripod, where it hopes to live a longer, happier life.

January 28, 2001: I regret to inform you that has died. Due to a company who chooses to remain blameless (why, Juno, why?), I have decided to switch to another e-mail account, one that I hope will be more reliable. So, from now on, my e-mail address will be Pretty sad, I know... Please drop your flowers by the graveside--there will be much mourning.

June 19, 2000: What's new? This site, of course! Realm Fantastica is proud to present two special fantasy web sites. At the moment, the Dragonlance site is only featuring fan artwork and writings. The Elemental Fury site features an assortment of information, artwork, and writings. In the future, we hope to add more material when it becomes available. Stay tuned.

Your participation is encouraged! Without your help, this site will become a stale piece of bread in the cabinet known as the Internet. Please, feel free to interact in the Chat Room and Board Room. Sign the Guest Book. Submit artwork and stories that you'd like to see on this site. 

In the meantime, kick back, relax, and take a tour through Realm Fantastica. Imagination's the limit!

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