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Last updated 
June 19, 2000

Realm Fantastica
Keep One Eye on the Sky
by J.D. Gross

Keep one eye on the sky, dear brother
And see how it darkens as we speak
Keep one ear open, my brother
And listen to the howl of the wind

The lightning surges and the thunder cracks 
But I am not afraid
For I know your ways, brother
It is just the rage of your mind

Go on thinking what you will, my brother
You cannot change the world
The darkness calls for you
And reaches for your weakening form

Be strong, dear brother
For I have given you my strength
All I can do is sit
And wait for you to return

The light is fading fast, my dear brother
And death awaits you in the abyss
Just when I had reached my hand out to you
You could not keep from slipping in

© J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.

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