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June 19, 2000

Elemental Fury



Realm Fantastica
Elemental Fury
Aralon is a fantasy world with hills and valleys, grasslands, forests, and deserts, mountains and caverns, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Various creatures and races inhabit this seemingly ancient, magical place, such as dragons, ratchins, and rynxes, humans, elves, and dwarves. Everyone has a place in the great scheme of things, and just as importantly, has an origin.
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  • Overview: Just what is Aralon?
  • Artwork: Illustrations.
  • Characters: Heroes and villians!
  • Creatures: All sorts of beasties!
  • Deities: Gods!
  • Races: Various peoples of Aralon.
  • Writings: Stories and poetry.
  • Disclaimer: Necessary legal ramblings.
  • Interact with others. Speak your mind.
  • Chat. Role-play as your favorite character in the Intergalactic Tavern. 
  • Board Room. Leave messages on the Graffiti Wall.
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