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Last updated 
June 19, 2000

Elemental Fury



Realm Fantastica
Elemental Fury


  • Azakra. Shadow wight. Full-body.
  • Barbaros. The ratchin Barbaros hiding in a bush.
  • Barbaros: portrait. Portrait of Barbaros the ratchin.
  • Bordon. Fire daemon. Full-body.
  • Bryngurd. Rynx, female. Full-body, anime style.
  • Cruxus. Yaergden. Full-body.
  • Drakus. Turquoise dragon, male. Full-body.
  • Euphenia. Elf, female. Full-body, anime style.
  • Euphenia: portrait. Portrait of the elf Euphenia, Shanadar's half-sister.
  • Euphenia and Verunden. The elven cousins Euphenia and Verunden.
  • Ferial. Nichtmer. Full-body.
  • Glikzblong. Ogre, male. Full-body.
  • Jaspar. Dwarf, female. Full-body, anime style.
  • Morgisunden. Ogre/elf, female. Alleged offspring of the ogre Olgis and elf Verunden.
  • Nentack. Meridan. Full-body.
  • Quarendi. Jade dragon, female. Full-body.
  • Megir. Human, male. Mage. Full-body, anime style.
  • Megir and Yas. The companions Megir and Yas, also known as Mouse and General Yaergden.
  • Shanadar. Portrait of the male elf/nymph crossbreed Shanadar.
  • Shandehn. Loru bird. Full-body, anime-style.
  • Sigund. Rynx, male. Full-body, anime style.
  • Sigund: adult. Sigund the rynx as an adult.
  • Sobarin. Ratchin, female. Full-body, anime style.
  • Variandolis and Hukara. Variandolis the male elf mage and his familiar Hukara, a female pyrowess.
  • Verunden. Elf, male. Full-body, anime style.
  • Waeruka. Schurkin. Full-body.
  • Yas. Human, male. Warrior. Full-body, anime style.
  • Zandar. Half-elf, male. Full-body, anime style.
  • Zandar: portrait. Portrait of the half-elf Zandar. 



All artwork on this page was done by J.D. Gross, the creator of Elemental Fury.

Elemental Fury material is © J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.