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Last updated 
June 19, 2000

Realm Fantastica
Eternal Torment
by J.D. Gross

Who hears you crying in the night
When you are up all alone?
I cry not for the world,
Nor for anyone but myself.

I myself have been tormented as a child
But I have dealt with it
I cursed them behind their backs
And vowed that I would rise above them.

Who hears me crying in the night
When I lie awake in bed
I cry not for you
But only for myself.

Whosoever calleth me a fool
Shall shake their fists in rage
For it is I who do not care
About their apparent folly.

I am the master of them now
But that is not enough
They know not what is best for them
And they are of no use to me.

Scatter, little people, scatter all
Like leaves in the wind I shall crush you
Feel your fragile limbs break beneath my grip
Who is laughing now?

And who will hear you crying in the night
When you sit up all alone
I know I will not hear you
For my reasons are my own.

© J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.

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