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Gods of Aralon

The concept of the "four elements" is nothing new, but Elemental Fury makes use of them in a special way. Rather than the gods creating the elements, the elements created the gods. The elements embody power and matter rather than any sentient life force. In the beginning, there was earth, water, wind, and fire which shaped the gods who shaped the world. Each race has its own concept of creation and who their benefactor is, but it all stems from the elements.

The Gods of Earth
Gairunan Gaehng Stymbolis Rahn
Gairunan is perceived and worshipped by humans as "Mother Earth," whose bonding with Mikhaera created life on Aralon. Dwarves perceive Gaehng as the "Master Craftsmen" whose hammer constantly shapes the world, of which earthquakes are a result. "The Great Beast," perceived as a boontello (a creature with the body of a buffalo and the head and horns of a ram). The protector of the earth, Stymbolis guards the Sacred Rock, Rahn. "The Sacred Rock," Rahn embodies the essence of the Earth Element. It can be found atop the highest mountain guarded by Stymbolis.

The Gods of Wind
Mikhaera Fimbus Kory Lahn
The elves credit Mikhaera as being their own personal benefactor. Humans perceive Mikhaera as sort of a "Father Sky" whose bonding with Gairunan gave them life (earth--body, air--soul). Often perceived as a sprite, this mishief-maker is responsible for creating much of the havoc among the races. Perceived as a loru (a bird that looks similar to a crow in appearance and size). The bringer of wind, Kory guards the Breath of Wisdom, Lahn. "The Breath of Wisdom," Lahn embodies the essence of the Wind Element. It can be found amidst the deepest forest guarded by Kory.

The Gods of Water
Levios Leohtane Kwael Yahn
Creator of water creatures and plants. Levios is often depicted as a fish/plant hybrid called a surface-skimmer. Often perceived as a meridan (a type of merfolk), Leohtane is the bringer of rain. "The Great Whale." Protector of the oceans, Kwael guards the Tree of Healing, Yahn. "The Tree of Healing," Yahn embodies the essence of the Water Element. It can be found on an island in the middle of a vast ocean guarded by Kwael.

The Gods of Fire
Zurinkel Boembiloth Phyore Xahn
Perceived as a dragon, Zurinkel is the crimson sun-god who created dragons and the monster races. Often perceived as an ogre, Boembiloth is the god of war. Perceived as a phoenix, Phyore is the symbol of rebirth after destruction. He guards the Eternal Fire, Xahn. "The Eternal Fire," Xahn embodies the essence of the Fire Element. It can be found in a deep cavern guarded by Phyore.

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