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Elemental Fury

Overview of Aralon

Aralon is a fantasy world with hills and valleys, grasslands, forests, and deserts, mountains and caverns, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Various creatures and races inhabit this seemingly ancient, magical place, such as dragons, ratchins, and rynxes, humans, elves, and dwarves. Everyone has a place in the great scheme of things, and perhaps as importantly, has an origin.

The Meaning of the Elements in Elemental Fury

The concept of the "four elements" is nothing new, but Elemental Fury makes use of them in a special way. Rather than the gods creating the elements, the elements created the gods. The elements embody power and matter rather than any sentient life force. In the beginning, there was earth, water, wind, and fire which shaped the gods who shaped the world. Each race has its own concept of creation and who their benefactor is, but it all stems from the elements.

A Breakdown of the Elements

Creator of land creatures and the mortal races (humans and dwarves). People of the Earth element tend to have relatively short lives that are filled with working and shaping the world, such as farming and building.

Creator of air creatures and the immortal "fairy" races (elves and sprites). People of the Wind element tend to be immortal naturalists who like leaving things the way they were created.

Creator of water creatures and plants. People of the Water element tend to live relatively long lives that are mostly peaceful, but can change to violent at any moment.

Creator of monsters. People of the Fire element tend to be short-lived, their lives filled with fighting and strife.

Months and Seasons

Many cultures on the world of Aralon use a twelve-month calendar with four seasons--three months for each season. The year starts when spring does, the time when life for many species comes into being.

The Calendar
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Month Name on Aralon Moduru Waicuan Bestias Sonuru Oudurin Yeorus Faedoru Meschuan Bileow Sustinar Raenden Hwaluh
Equivalent on Planet Earth March April May June July August September October November December January February
God Aralon Month Named After Gairunan Gaehng Stymbolis Zurinkel Boembiloth Phyore Mikhaera Fimbus Kory Levios Leohtane Kwael

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