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Last updated 
June 19, 2000

Elemental Fury



Realm Fantastica
Elemental Fury
A Father's Lament for the Loss of His Child
(Shanadar's Ode to Shalen)
by J.D. Gross

Oh, how my heart mourns for thee
My life, my love
My kin, my blood

Little child of mine
Precious jewel in my eyes 
I curse the day they cut you down
Sweet little innocence
Wrapped in blood on the ground

They never knew what you meant to me
Gentle little love
Oh, the misery, wrought when they stole
your heart from me

Murderous bastards, conniving fools!
If they had shown their faces to me
They never would have lived

Oh would I have given my life for you
My life, my love
Precious little child
Curious wonder, shy one
I wrap you now in your burial gown, a refuge
     in days past when you were alive
I would forsake myself for you
But now I must mourn alone

© 1998 J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.

Elemental Fury material is © J.D. Gross. All rights reserved.